Teachers : Carlos Berrozpe, Arturo Fernandez e Isabel Selva

This year’s hidden treasure ( now just discovered ) has been the International Institute for North American Studies in Madrid. Settled in a magnificent and precious historical building , it houses an institution which offers educational activities and projects about American History, Geography, Literature, Cinema or any other topic related to the American culture.


Our students from 1stBac. A and B , and 4th ESO C were divided in two groups : whereas 4th ESO participated in an activity about Pop-Art, 1oBac. A and B attended a class about American Cinema, in particular “Superheroes in American Cinema”. Both teachers had prepared the classes throughly and taught us interesting aspects of both topics. Did you know that the story of Superman has a great similarities with the story of Moses ( the book of the Exodus ) ? This and much more kept us highly interested and engaged until the end.

After our visit to this Institute, we headed to the temporal exhibition “Andy Warhol and the Mechanical Art” in Caixaforum , where we enjoyed the explanations in English of two enthusiastic guides about this singular artist.

Our congrats to all the students for their behavior and interest in these activities !!!