4ESO Bilingual Students VII Graduation

4ESO Bilingual Students VII Graduation took place last Friday, June 15, at our auditorium. Every year it is an honour to be part of this ceremony where our protagonists show how extraordinary they are at everything.

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More pics coming up soon, stay tuned!!!!

VI Bilingual High School Meeting at Don Bosco

VI European Section High Schools Contest at Don Bosco School, three of them from Albacete, apart from Don Bosco, perfect host school, Tomás Navarro Tomás and Bachiller Sabuco

                 Even teachers showing off, ha,ha!!!!

As there were more than seventy students, there were different activities taking place at the same time. First, sports section with Ms Iniesta organizing. Perfect job, even with our names on!Wow!

Here you have the link for our blog to see more pics and details. Hope you enjoy it!!!!


Andy Warhol exhibition at Caixa Forum, Madrid

Andy Warhol exhibition at Caixa Forum, Madrid


Above you have the link to see lots of pics to see moments we spent together learning and having fun at the same time. First, at Caixa Forum where we saw Andy Warhol exhibition and listened in English to a guide. Then, we made a tour through the building itself with more information in English. At lunch time we crossed the street to go to Retiro Park where we had a gymkana in English and as a prize we did boat rowing in the Retiro pond.

Excellent chance to live as if we were to die tomorrow and learnt as if we were to live forever!!!!!!



Paying back a visit to Imatra and Lappeenranta High Schools, Finland

Paying back a visit to Imatra and Lappeenranta High Schools, Finland

After hosting for a week a group of students and two teachers from Imatra and Lappeenranta schools, Finland, in our school last January, a group of 4 ESO Bilingual plus some IB Year 1 students supervised by Mr C. Berrozpe and Ms M. Buendia are going to have the opportunity to spend a week attending lessons in both Finnish schools and living with Finnish students and their families.
It is the third time our school is involved in this exchange. We hope this time is going to be as successful as the previous ones.
We want to thank teachers, families and students for the effort to make this amazing event happen.

Enjoy and make the most of it!!!! Don´t forget to tell us all once you are back!!!

Finnish students coming along

This Friday, January 12, a group of Finnish students from Imatra and Lappeenranta High Schools are visiting us for a week. There will be a lot of activities organized for them with regular lessons in the morning plus museums, city hall,… and also a meeting with parents, on Tuesday 16 at 17.30, when the Finnish students will show aspects about their daily  school and family lives. Everything is underway!!! Get ready!!!